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High Tech Campus 27
5656 Eindhoven , Netherlands
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Hersteller, Händler
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DALSA has always been an industry leader in advanced image sensor solutions. With a focus on high-resolution, high-performance CCD and CMOS sensors, we established a reputation for the industry's highest image quality and performance.

We own scores of patents for the design of CCD and CMOS image sensors and specialized techniques for fabricating and assembling them. Our products continue to dominate the professional digital studio photography arena and we have set the agenda for the professional digital still camera industry for years. Our high resolution, high speed line scan imagers deliver industry-leading performance, and we are the acknowledged leader in TDI (Time Delay and Integration) line scan, where our our products are critical to the success of our semiconductor inspection customers.<br />

With expertise in multiple imager technologies, DALSA is not locked to a single solution. Our large-imager CCD technology is world-renowned, and recent advances in our CMOS technology have allowed us to deliver wafer-scale CMOS imagers for X-ray applications, including a full-field radiography detector module with six wafer-scale CMOS tiles butted together.<br />

Leading technology, sound business strategies, and careful attention to our customers' needs have brought us success, and we intend to continue it. We have superior designs, a secure foundry, solid backing and the vision to continue our leadership role.

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