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Philips Healthcare Nederlande Philips CX 50 Echogerät TOP !!

Ich verkaufe wegen Verkauf meiner Praxis ein so gut wie neues Phillips CX 50 Echokardiografie Gerät. Das Gerät ist in perfektem Zustand ohne Abnutzungserscheinungen.

Angebotsart: Zum Kauf
Preis:€ 22.800,00 (inkl. USt)
Anwendung: Kardiologie
Zustand: Gebraucht
funktionsfähig: Ja
Baujahr: 2012
Lieferung nach: Deutschland
Lieferkosten: auf Anfrage
Produktart: Ultraschall (System)
Hersteller: Philips Healthcare Nederlande (Weitere Geräte dieses Herstellers)
Angebot-Nr.: ymid#770

Es wurde im März 2015 als Vorführgerät erworben. CX50 CompactXtreme Ultrasound System (POC Version) Interface:

  • 15.0 inch high resolution display with wide viewing angle
  • Quick Keys and Active Mode
  • Laptop style Alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard
  • 8 TGCs and 2 LGCs
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Includes AC adapter , power cord and system battery pack
  • 2 USB flash drives on system
  • 80 GB hard drive
  • Internal DVD RW drive

Architecture: All-digital compact broadband beamformer, Microfine 2D focusing with Dynamic Focal Tuning that includes Advanced X-Res signal processing, 170 dB full time input dynamic range 18,432 digitally-processed channels, Continuously variable steering in 2D, color and Doppler modes 2D Opt signal processing with 4X multi-line parallel processing and frequency compounding. Intelligent Controls: The CX50 has been designed to make portable exams easy and efficient. With a single button, iSCAN technology automatically samples data for a new level of 2D and Doppler optimization iSCAN one-touch Intelligent Optimization, iSCAN one-touch Intelligent Color Optimization, iSCAN Doppler one-touch optimization. Transducers: Supports Compact family of transducers featuring PureWave imaging technology in the S5-1, CX7-2t, C5-1, D5CWC. Also supports the high resolution L12-3 linear array transducer. All transducers provide breakthrough frequency bandwidths and array configurations. These transducers also have ergonomically designed lightweight flexible cables and compact connectors. Modes:
Anatomical M-mode
Color M-mode
Pulsed Wave Doppler
Color Power Angio (CPA)
Continuous Wave Doppler
Invert and Color Invert
Color compare mode
Dual mode
Duplex for simultaneous 2D and Doppler
2D Optimization Signal Processing
Live Compare
Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
Reconstructed zoom with pan (read zoom)
Write zoom
Pulse Inversion Harmonic imaging
Adaptive Doppler
Adaptive Color Doppler
Color Tissue Doppler imaging
Pulsed Wave Tissue Doppler imaging
Active Native Data - manipulation of image data
Cineloop review
On-board workstation-class data management with thumbnail previews and storage of images, loops,and reports. Retrospective and prospective clip capture to internaldrive or removable media
Integrated DVD/CD burning capability for storage of images or export in DICOM, JPEG and .avi for PC compatibility. Philips DICOM viewer option to imbed in media transfer for easy viewing of study on most PCs.
Maintenance and Serviceability
Remote Access for Expedient Clinical and Technical Support
Flexible Service Agreements
Clinical Application and Educational Support
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance and System Optimization Inclusive Acute Care Clinical Option This clinical option includes SonoCT, Freehand 3D and Tissue Specific Imaging software that support exams typically performed in the acute care setting such as vascular access, FAST and lung imaging. Allows operation of the S5-1, L12-3 and C5-1 transducers for acute care imaging.
1. This clinical option includes basic measurements and reporting - full analysis packages for adult echo, peripheral/cerebro/general vascular, and MSK applications are included separately with those clinical options.
2. Physiomonitoring is available separately in Adult Echo/ICU or Adult Echo clinical options.
3. Tissue Doppler Imaging and LVO contrast are available separately as part of Adult Echo clinical option. Adult Echo Clinical Option Tissue Specific Imaging software for adult cardiac ultrasound applications. Display optimization software with Tissue Specific presets for adult cardiac imaging and Doppler applications. Analysis software package includes cardiac imaging protocol measurements and configurable reports and finding codes. Active native data for post-process optimization and advanced XRES adaptive image processing for improved tissue conspicuity. iSCAN intelligent one-button optimization for adaptive gain compensation in 2D, Doppler, Tissue Doppler Imaging and LVO contrast functions. Includes Live compare mode, cardiac High-Q Automatic Doppler Analysis and respiration waveform from chest impedance. Allows operation of S5-1, CX X7-2t and D2cwc transducers. Cart with Multi-port Adptr 3.0 Highly mobile cart that features hardware module to support switching among up to three imaging transducers at the touch of a button. Includes: 4 swivel wheels with 4 locking casters, rear handle, micro-positioning grips, quick-connect tray, storage shelf, footrest, internal isolation transformer, B&W printer brackets, integrated transducer connector holder, gel holders and cable management. Includes USB hub for additional connectivity. S5-1 Broadband Phased Array PureWave crystal Sector array transducer with 5 to 1 MHz extended operating frequency range for adult cardiology, abdominal, vascular, TCD and Acute Care.

Kontaktinformationen des Anbieters:

Steffen Gloekler

E-Mail: steffengloekler(at)gmail.com

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